Reddit dude says he dated a K-pop idol that loved anal sex, identity guessing game starts


A reddit user posted a ‘casual IAMA’ yesterday, claiming that he dated a K-pop star for about three months. Nothing all that unbelievable, especially after Lee Soo Man‘s son did one a while back, but it really blew up after he gave one detail too many about the identity of said star.

We dated for about 3 months

EDIT: Alright guys, thanks for keeping me entertained today – I’ll continue answering questions tonight and tomorrow at work. I know all of you guys are speculating it’s a girl from Sistar but that’s incorrect. I initially said in one post that her group was from Starship but I was wrong. I don’t want to ruin some innocent girl’s career.

Here’s the thing: he only edited that after it started blowing up and people were guessing about SISTAR members and he was notified that this was spreading. Did he really get his info wrong or was he just protecting his ex-girlfriend and current fuckbuddy? Was he making this entire shit up? Who knows?

In any case, you should really read the whole thing here and come to your own conclusions, but perhaps the most entertaining exchange was this:


I honestly don’t see this stuff as anything to be ashamed about, and there’s been nothing revealed that’s bad about the idol in question, but I understand how this would play in Korea. If anything, the dude is a douche for giving not-so-vague clues to her identity and then blabbing about their sex life, only to oddly retract it once people zeroed in on a specific idol. Like there’s nothing wrong with providing people with insight into what K-pop idols are actually like, but keep it anonymous and don’t ruin careers over it, especially if you’re still friends, my god.

Anyway, if this really is Dasom like people are saying, then she just became my favorite K-pop idol. I will stan her.



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