The witch-hunt is on! Hong Jong Hyun criticized for … uh … walking?


Hong Jong Hyun is being criticized for being captured walking for 15 seconds in public, which sounds about right in terms of how a celebrity is treated during any period of marginal controversy or debate.

In light of the recent dating “scandal” involving actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School‘s Nana, Korean netizens are providing alleged “evidence” the against actor.

Translation: “We’re not mad cause he ruined our fantasies, we’re mad cause cause cause … LOOK AT ALL THIS EVIL SHIT HE DOES!!!111 *Sniffles*”

Then again, I mean, it’s hard to argue with them, look at this 15-second clip and tell me you can’t see he’s a piece of shit human.

What’s that, you don’t see shit? Oh, well, it was about him walking fast ahead of Yura, which shows that he hates her or something. That and he was SLAPPING away the security guy! And by “slapping”, they mean he raised his arm so that the guy who awkwardly rushed into his personal space and hooked up to him like they were dating would get the fuck off his person.

A 15 second video began garnering a lot of attention as it features Jong Hyun and Yura in Indonesia for their honeymoon episode on MBC‘s We Got Married. Korean netizens claimed that Hong Jong Hyun does not take care of Yura, and that his actions on the show are completely fake.

Yes, yes they are fake. They’re on the show to entertain you, not to fill the void in your love life.

I hope it’s revealed that Hong Jong Hyun is dating both Nana and Yura, and the two of them treat him like a stunt cock to pass around. Gogogo.


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