Crayon Pop sort of cover “Up & Down”, “Touch My Body”, “I’m Your Girl”


CHROME-IN is back for another installment, and this time around a lot of it is focused on Crayon Pop and the music video shoot they had for Chinese New Year.

That’s great and all, and ChoA is thrilled, as you can see above, but this was mainly about GIFS and short covers of other groups.

The covers come at 7:02 (EXID‘s “Up & Down“), 8:48 (SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body“), and 11:43 (S.E.S.‘s “I’m Your Girl“).

Of course, GIFS are needed, starting with Soyul‘s EXID impression.

Soyul can’t stop the hips.

Soyul has a different interpretation of SISTAR’s song, which involves straight flexin’ on hos.

Twins are weird, man.


Don’t like it? ChoA is judging you.

At like five minutes in, Ellin tries to get that Chinese vocalist to sing, and he doesn’t understand shit and he wants to end his life.


Gummi and Soyul send never-ending hearts.

The episode literally ended with Ellin thuggin’ out.

That is all.


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