Nakata Yasutaka throws Kyary into the garbage bin, produces for model Mito Natsume


Model Mito Natsume has caused Nakata Yasutaka to throw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu into the garbage bin, as he has found a new mouthpiece.

On April 8, model Natsume Mito will make her music debut with the single “Colony.” “Colony” is written, composed, and arranged by Yasutaka Nakata of CAPSULE, Perfume, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fame. Natsume is managed by ASOBI SYSTEM, the same company that manages Kyary, CAPSULE, and Nakata himself. She will be making her music debut on Sony Music Associated Records.

Cue Kyary fan panic. Cue Perfume fan joy. Cue … what the fuck is wrong with her hair?

Natsume’s “look” must be one of those fashion things because I can’t fap to this.



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