Amuro Namie wants to be next Asian artist to ruin her career in America

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Amuro Namie has dreams of making it in America, which she now has the freedom to pursue after leaving her label and latching onto Avex exclusively. If the report by Business Journal is true, then this further proves that giving artists their freedom is not always for the best.

A music industry official claims she has received a serious offer overseas from Warner Music Group is planning to advance towards carrying our her activities in Los Angeles.

The same music industry official dished:

“Namie is well aware of Utada’s experiences [in the US]. She has has begun intense English-language lessons. Concerning her music, she is fully satisfied with the type of music she releases being on par with the status quo. She’s not in a ‘I want to break America and be successful at all costs’ mindset, but rather ‘I want to step up my game’.“

Speaking of advancement in the American Market, it brings up the question of if she has the skill set and charisma to make it work.

According to the same industry source, this is not a venture to make money but rather to challenge herself. Following her attempt to break America, it is said they are already planning a triumphal return for her with a national tour starting with an appearance on NHK’s annual New Year’s Eve music show Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

It’s wonderful to push yourself, it’s wonderful that she’s self-aware, and it’s wonderful that’s she’s realistic, but she also has a lot to risk here and little to gain. This is unlike CL, who also has a lot of the connections and language barriers conquered already, because she doesn’t have much going on in terms of 2NE1 due to Bom-gate, so there’s a lot less risk. Namie is at the point where she can release a goddamn ballad album (with her range-less voice) and people are still eating it up, so the timing would be weird considering she knows full well how one’s career can go into the shitter if you go AWOL for just a year or two or if your image switches just a bit.

On the flip side of things, if you’ve wanted to hear an entire Namie album in her “wit crub chix” English, this is a dream come true.



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