I think Blackjacks may have broken A.KOR’s spirit, cause “Always” is … different


A.KOR released their teaser for “Always“, and it was a hardcore, dissing rap festival full of shad … wait, what the fuck is this?


What happened to the hip-hop group?

When Kemy dissed Park Bom, she showed some promise at least. Granted, it was sort of gutless and didn’t open herself up to a real reply, but at least there was bite and she flowed a bit. Of course, she then followed that up with a fucking horrid mixtape-esque release, but it was still trying to go with their concept at least, so there was some upside.

This, I dunno what the hell this is.

It’s like the backlash A.KOR and Kemy got for the diss track broke them and now they’ve settled for trying to become some hybrid Lovelyz/A Pink mess. Out.


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