‘Unpretty Rapstar’ needs to bring the drama cause only like 2 or 3 of them can rap

The stars of ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ released the above cypher, which is usually something to get hype for … except they all sucked save for Cheetah and Tymee. The other one that can rap is Jolly V, but she sounded sloppy as fuck on this. I’ll excuse it since she was probably distracted by how cringe Jessi is every time she does … anything. Stick to singing and entertaining with ridiculousness, plz.

Also, here’s Jimin crying.

And the episode one preview, which should be airing soon, actually.

Anyway, whatever their marketing tactic was, it worked, since I actually seem to be covering this while effectively ignoring three seasons of ‘Show Me The Money‘ due to the concept of finding the next rap star on a cable show utterly hilarious (which I seem to have been right about). That said, the drama better be amazing, because the rapping skills they’ve shown thus far sure as hell aren’t going to keep me around at this rate.

I think I’m gonna go Team Tymee for rooting interests, Team Cheetah to actually win if everything is actually about skill (ROFL), and Team Jessi for hoping she loses her goddamn mind every fucking episode.

Sure, those types always lose in the end, but they win our lulz.


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