Clara not gonna be doing much for a while; court cases less simple than they seem


The Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) requested that Clara cancel all her activities, and while I wasn’t sure how they could get her to do that or why she even would, it appears that the request worked and she won’t be doing much of anything for a while.

It was announced on January 30 that Clara’s domestic and U.S. schedules have been cancelled indefinitely following a warning from the Korea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA).

The decision comes a day after a statement by CEMA requesting that she cease all scheduled activities for the time being. An excerpt of the group’s official statement read, “Clara’s recent involvement in a contract cancellation dispute with her agency, the conclusion of which has yet to be determined, has nonetheless become the focus of public criticism. In particular, the sensitive issue of sexual harassment has resulted in public controversy, and the impact of this on the public is becoming a more serious problem.”

In response, the actress has decided to cancel all upcoming activities. On January 30, a representative of hers addressed the media saying, “Clara has decided to accede to CEMA’s request, canceling all upcoming planned domestic activities. She is now at work on a film in Hong Kong, and due to a contract that she has with a film company there, it will be difficult to cancel at this point. However, she has decided to cancel her commitments in the U.S. that were scheduled to follow her work in Hong Kong.”

At this point, it would seem like she should at least try to salvage her international activities, since the only reason to abide by this request is the fear of getting blacklisted in Korea. And while I would like to say that this shows she actually has some hope of winning her contract lawsuit in court, I’m not sure how much faith to put in that given that their side has shown us exactly nothing so far.

That said, I do feel like I have to reiterate that the court of public opinion is different from actual court, and while her image deserves the beating it’s taking, I’m not sure that either side would necessarily win the separate cases they filed based on what we know. Remember, the court determining that Clara wasn’t sexually harassed and therefore has no right to terminate her contract on those grounds is not the same as her being guilty of extortion/blackmailing. Thus, I’m pretty interested in what comes out in the latter court case.


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