[Update] ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ debut was a cringe-worthy mess … AWESOME

The debut of ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ was basically the making-of the cypher that was posted before, and then like a 20-minute introduction/impromptu cypher (that you can see above) in what looked like a airport hanger built by a municipality that went broke a quarter of the way through construction.

As you can clearly see, Jimin, who I think was probably asked to freestyle for the first time in her life and didn’t look like she had any idea what was going on, was amazingly bad to the point where I struggled to watch, much like when Jessi does … well … anything. Also, for all the talk about how everybody was picking on her, they treated Jimin basically normal considering they could’ve clowned on her so bad.

I was expecting Jessi to get up in people’s faces eventually based on the teasers, but I didn’t know she ALSO did it within like an hour of meeting everybody.

This is gold, my dreams are coming true.

Most importantly, here’s Jessi eating shit on the stairs.

And she got voted the worst on the mission.


Finally, Jimin and Cheetah tied for first on that mission, which is … something for Jimin and the credibility of the show. But let’s be honest, none of that matters, they’re all on the show for exposure, and Jessi and Jimin are just there to help that cause.

Next episode has Jessi losing her goddamn mind.



Also, here’s a version of the GIF where Taecyeon‘s bag that flew out of his hand finally landed.

Thanks to the Asian Junkie commenter that made this gloriousness.


Oh yeah, the whole episode:



San E exposes his hard-on for Jimin and AOA.

Cheetah and Lil Cham introduce themselves.


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