Taeyeon to release solo album + exclusive on album title & tracklist


SNSD‘s Taeyeon is going to be the first member of the group to go solo (except for Jessica, amirite?), and it’s going to be coming sometime in the first half of the year, which likely means it’s been in the works for a while.

That’s wonderful, but what you REALLY want is her solo album title and tracklist, right?



Taeyeon – ‘1 Down, 7 To Go’

1. #KimchiSneakyBitch
2. Durex 4 Free
3. 1 Down, 7 To Go
4. Oreo Delight (EXO Fans Weeping Sample)
5. Sore Back (Carrying Dead Weight)
6. Blank & Eclair
7. Pretty 4 A Chocolate Face (Alicia Keys “Karma” Sample)
8. Deer God (Featuring EXO’s Baekhyun)
9. Tone Deaf T.I.F.F. (My Eardrums)
10. Parking Lot (JYJ “Back Seat” Sample)
11. 9 Minus 1 Minus 7 Equals Heaven
12. #KimchiSneakyBitch (T-ara Determination Remix)
13. Parking Lot (Tiffany & Dickkhun Sex Noises Remix)

While the cover art has yet to be released, I am anticipating that arriving soon. The album is also rumored to have a few more tracks in discussion to be added.

Let me know if you find anything…



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