Malaysian concerts now a no-touch zone for K-pop idols, including Taeyang


After the B1A4 controversy, future K-pop concerts in Malaysia are trending towards prohibiting any ‘skinship’ between artist and fan, and that sadly starts with Taeyang‘s upcoming trip there on Feb. 7.

“See, no touch” will be the Malaysian mantra for future concerts involving K-Pop artistes, with the first being Taeyang, a member of the South Korean Big Bang group scheduled to perform his first solo concert on February 7 at Stadium Negara.

Fortunately, the title and tagline of the original Malaysian article are a little dramatic, as there’s no actual ban by any religious authority, nor do concert promoters have to now abide by any new laws. Rather, it’s simply that the promoters don’t want to take the chance of a gigantic controversy erupting once again.

The concert organiser, who chose to remain anonymous said the previous K-Pop fiasco had not affected sales, and that the religious authorities had not contacted them to issue any guidelines on the dos and dont’s for the concert.

The programme, however, will be changed to avoid any interaction between the singer and his fans to prevent a repeat of the fiasco when the last K-Pop boy band, B1A4 were said to have “molested” three Muslim girls on stage during their concert last month.

“We have discussed with Taeyang and the dance crew on wearing the proper attire.

No matter how pointless or stupid I think this all is, they can obviously do whatever they like. And they’re actually getting their way, because as I pointed out when K-Much visited Malaysia, Korean artists probably don’t want to chance it anymore either and may be extra cautious of skinship themselves, so all this really only hurts the Malaysian K-pop fans. Sadly, I think that outcome is exactly what the fabricated B1A4 controversy was meant to do, so the faction that started all that are accomplishing their goals without having to take any official action.

In any case, if you were hoping to get called up on stage to dance with Taeyang to “I Need A Girl” or something, well, it’s not gonna be happening now.

Better not chance it anyway, cause remember, these guys are watching:



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