‘Roommate’ releases ‘Jackji’ relationship video to troll shippers


GOT7‘s Jackson and KARA‘s Youngji are two of the surprise star additions to this season’s ‘Roommate‘, and part of that breakout stardom is due to the two riffing off each other for humor because they were a personality match early on. Inevitably when male and female public figures get along … well … anywhere, a ‘ship’ will start, and that was certainly the case with the Jackson and Youngji relationship.

So ‘Jackji’ was started, and has even been long used as a tag on the Instagram of ‘Roommate’. However, the two have maintained over and over that they only see each other as friends, and the ‘Roommate’ producer has said himself that a relationship simply isn’t happening between the two.

So that’s mature of them to get delulu fans to realize that they’re just humans who get along and they don’t exist for fans’ relationship hopes and dreams, and it’s also admirable because playing up that relationship would only help ratings. Thus, of course, to further reinforce their responsible mantra … HERE’S AN OFFICIAL JACKJI RELATIONSHIP VIDEO!



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