SME sues Kris & Luhan over Chinese activities, threatens companies they work with


SM Entertainment is taking Kris and Luhan to court for their extensive Chinese activities, and they’re also leveling warnings against companies the two are working with.

Currently, SM Entertainment is embroiled in a contract termination lawsuit against Kris and Luhan. Despite the lawsuit and having ceased activities as an EXO-M member, the two entertainers have continued activities in China as actors.

On February 5th, SM Entertainment released a press release saying, “We have filed official lawsuits against companies that have been using Luhan and Kris, who are currently pursuing activities illegally, as advertisement models. We have taken this action to prevent Kris and Luhan from further pursuing their activities in an illegal manner and to prohibit further damages.”

Basically, they want to prevent the two from being active elsewhere because their contracts are still in dispute in Korea. They also say in the full statement that they are going to take action against the companies that hire them or have hired them.

The problem is that it’s just assumed as SOP that when artists try to terminate their contracts, they also file temporary injunctions to allow them to do activities as the lawsuit is ongoing (otherwise companies would just basically starve individuals out). I’ve read reports that both Kris and Luhan have done so, but am unable to confirm that from an source I trust, though I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have filed. Thus, if they did what they’re supposed to, I’m not sure SME has a point here unless there are other mitigating factors at stake. Regardless, I don’t think that’s the purpose of this suit anyway.

Rather, I think the comments at Netizen Buzz are the goal as a PR move, and even international netizens in the comments are agreeing with SME now. Which is odd, because it’s not that SME can’t win or aren’t right (we don’t know the details yet, obviously), it’s just that this seems little more than a typical PR move to save face in Korea, not to actually stop Kris and Luhan or recover their alleged losses.

Put it this way, they are NOT gonna go after Baidu and companies like that for their ties to Kris and/or Luhan. It’s all talk. Because for better or worse, China generally doesn’t give a shit about all this “legality” mess, and I honestly don’t think anything is gonna stop them if they want Kris and Luhan to work.

As always though, I’d wait to find out the details before rushing to give your “FUCK THE TRAITORZ” or “OPPAR IS FREE” hot TAEKS!!! My main point to this is that I don’t understand why people are saying SME is clearly in the right with their grievances about Kris and Luhan activities unless they know no injunctions were filed/granted.


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