‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 2 clips + guest news & sub info & show clarifications


The second episode of ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ has already aired, but for those who can’t watch the raws, the person who subs the show will be releasing whole episodes from now on instead of short clips first, so you guys will just have to wait … or you could just view the raws and guess at what’s going on.

Also, the ‘prize’ of the show should be clarified, because many think the prize is one song with Zico producing a track. Well, it’s not. The point is to create a compilation album with female rappers, and the winners of episodes get to work with a bunch of hip-hop producers on singles. So the prizes come at the end of each episode, and I’m not gonna spoil this one, but the track is already out and it’s labelled ‘#1’, so it’s pretty clear there’s more to come from the show. That is also why there are no eliminations and what not.

As for guest spots, Verbal Jint and M.I.B‘s Kangnam will be on the show, one for rapping mentorship and one for vocals (???). Pretty sure it was just an excuse to get Kangnam on the show, but whatever, at least Verbal Jint is there.

Jimin reacts to Jessi ranting and freestyling.
Jimin reacts to Jessi ranting and freestyling.

Zico says what’s up:

Kisum versus Jimin:

Yuk Ji Dam:

Tymee and Jessi fight:

Cheetah‘s team and Jimin’s team do “Tough Cookie” live:

I like Tymee on the show because she’s sort of a smug bitch type that I can relate with, and she isn’t so annoyingly wannabe ratchet like Jessi, so she serves as the perfect foil to Jessi and that makes great TV. That said, skills-wise I do think her and most of the others are essentially studio MCs. Sure, Tymee can still flow better than most of the roster (which sort of speaks to the roster), but like … how can one do so many live shows for so long yet every time you perform live for TV you forget your lyrics? And Lil Cham sounds a ton better on her releases than she’s showing here, because she’s been absolutely shitting herself on this show, like she’s legit worse than Yuk Ji Dam, Jimin, and Kisum so far. That reality is … surprising. On the flip side, Jimin gets a lot of shit, and while she simply doesn’t have the skills right now, she’s a lot better at carrying over that mediocrity to performances because she’s clearly used to working the stage.

That’s all irrelevant though, because Cheetah is shitting on everybody anyway. She’s killing it and is way above everybody else on the show. I know this is a reality show, but I really hope they don’t continue to fuck with her and just give her the credit she deserves at some point.

Finally, and I mentioned this on Twitter, but I just need to address these psycho Jessi fans. Yes, I love Jessi for her entertainment factor, and she’s a talented singer, but other than that she’s just a bad rapper (not bad as in good, you know) that tries to compensate for that by acting like … her generally shitty self.

Like, everywhere you go there are international fans commenting about how her skills are the best on the show because she talks a ton of shit for TV, but she’s admitted herself that she’s not an actual rapper, that she’s not fluent enough in Korean to get her message across lyrically, and that she has a lot of difficulty writing bars for the show. So for real, these motherfuckers are defending Jessi against criticism that she has already copped to publicly. Fucking delusional.

Anyway, if you want the episode results spoiled, here’s the “music video” for the song (and the whole song audio only) featuring Zico being Zico as producer.


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