4Minute’s comeback with “Crazy” is so amazing they made bucket hats acceptable


Man, what a difference a concept makes. “Cold Rain” was a solid effort in terms of music for people with insomnia, but with one of their usual concepts (like from years ago), 4Minute absolutely kill it on “Crazy“.

The vocal sections are the star here, especially the transition to the chorus, which is just amazing. Basically, I think the lead-in makes the entire song work effectively, not only because it separates the rap from the chanting chorus, but because it breaks up a potentially overwhelming instrumental that permeates the rest of the song. Hell, they even managed to make the rap sections not distractingly awful (well, enough). Dare I say it was worth the EXO-esque hype of the constant teasers? Yes, yes it was.

The music video concept seems a bit messy at first, but it actually … works? I’d still like a dance version or something, but while there are a bunch of cuts, I never felt dizzied or like I was about to have a seizure a la T-ara. Of course, it didn’t hurt AT ALL that they all looked hot; HyunA as usual was HyunA, but Jihyun stood out during her solo (?!) verse. I also heard Gayoon did the styling for the music video, which just shows how selfless she is by making herself take the dubious fashion choices to elevate everybody else in the group. The real MVP.

I gave it a few hours and a few replays to be sure, but the fact that I’m still hype about it on repeat viewings says it all. I tried my best to avoid recency bias, but I do think when all is said and done at the end of 2015, this will be on more than a few best-of lists.

But besides the amazing comeback, the indisputably catchy song, and the impressive music video, perhaps their greatest accomplishment is somehow making bucket hats look acceptable.


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