Amber calling in every favor from all her friends for “Shake That Brass” solo debut


f(x)‘s Amber is well-knowing for well … knowing basically everybody in K-pop. And for her solo debut “Shake That Brass“, she’s calling in every favor ever owed to her for a star-studded music video.

That’s a swing band in the picture, but not any swing band, as miss A‘s Min and Jia are there, along with SNSD‘s Hyoyeon, GOT7‘s Jackson, and g.o.d.‘s Park Joon Hyung. One can also expect Taeyeon to make an appearance since she’ll be featuring on the track, and Crayon Pop fans have said Ellin will be making an appearance as well. And that’s just for one part of the music video.

What I’m saying is, if this turns out like a Lim Chang Jung music video, I’m all for it.


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