Dohee allegedly refuses to come back to Tiny G flops, company acknowledges distance


Tiny-G‘s Dohee wants nothing to do with singing anymore after getting a taste of the acting life and the praise she got for her role in ‘Reply 1994‘, according to Ilgan Sports.

Ilgan Sports’ exclusive report stated, “After Dohee’s debut as an actress, her heart has left any desire to pursue music… Recently, she has been refusing to participate in group promotions as well. It looks like she no longer has the desire to promote as Tiny-G.” They said that an insider stated, “People in this side of the industry already know of Dohee’s plans to only pursue acting. We are aware that she is keeping her distance with her Tiny-G members. There are rumors that she has changed after rising to fame as an actress.”

Probably doesn’t help matters that Dohee was associated with rumors saying similar things to this report back in both October and December.

Meanwhile, Tiny-G’s company, GnG Production, released a statement that was framed as a refutation of rumors, but to me it seemed like acknowledgement that things aren’t exactly peachy.

“An absurd report came out. Dohee has worked so hard for her group’s debut up until now, so it doesn’t make sense that she would easily let it go… Tiny-G has only put their [group] promotions on hold for the time being. Nothing has changed. Only the members’ fields of activities have changed. Since the members can’t just rest the whole time, we are preparing a different strategy. We are helping the members in Thailand with their activities there, and in Dohee’s case, we are focusing on her acting career in Korea. Dohee is a friend who does what the agency asks her to do well. This is a defamation of character. Only the group’s activities have been temporarily put on hold. They can promote again.”

A statement from another company rep made things sort of seem even worse by admitting that there’s distance between the group, and the person even brought up disbandment.

“It’s true that Tiny-G’s activities in Korea have been halted at the moment, but we can’t call it a disbandment. J Min and Mint are promoting in Thailand and Dohee is just focusing on acting for the time being… It’s true it’s been hard to maintain the team because Tiny-G’s promotions in Korea have not been very successful. So the Korean activities have been put on hold, but since two members wanted to promoted in Thailand, they’re currently doing that right now. While this was happening, Dohee had drama and movie schedules in Korea, so that’s why she’s currently carrying out acting activities. So for now, the two members will be active in Thailand, while Dohee is active in Korea. All the members are doing their best in their current situation, so it is shocking that such a report has come out. Although we haven’t decided when Tiny-G with Dohee will resume activities in Korea, they haven’t disbanded, their activities are just on hold for now.”

It’s understandable since Tiny G are basically completely irrelevant and Dohee gained a lot of popularity and praise for her acting. Add in that two of the members have apparently “temporarily” relocated to Thailand for activities, and I can see why she’d just want to bounce. Then again, if she ditches the group, it’s probably gonna go over bad with the public, and I’m not sure she has enough goodwill built up to avoid being dragged down by that.

We shall see.


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