SME files suit against Luhan & movie company + preparing to take action against Kris


After it was revealed by Shanghai Court that SM Entertainment‘s grand threats against Kris and Luhan amounted to only a lawsuit against Luhan regarding a copyright issue, SME is now saying they have filed suit against Luhan and a production company in Hong Kong Court regarding him being in a recent movie, though it doesn’t appear to name the production company or the movie. Later, a separate report said that SME are preparing action against Kris as well, according to Ilgan Sports.

“After filing a lawsuit through the Shanghai court in China on February 4, SM Entertainment has officially filed a lawsuit against Luhan and the movie production companies, which allowed Luhan to star in a film without notice, through the Hong Kong court on February 10.”

Despite SM having the exclusive rights as Luhan’s agency and management all over the world including Korea, China, and Hong Kong, [Luhan] violated his contract by starring in a Hong Kong movie, and because the Hong Kong movie production companies allowed Luhan to star in the film without any prior consent from SM, they have to take joint legal responsibility. Through our legal team KING&WOOD MALLESONS, we’ve officially filed a lawsuit against Luhan and Luhan’s movie production companies at the Hong Kong court.

What does it mean? I don’t know yet.

For starters, I would wait for a response since SME already got caught embellishing last time around, and even if they do end up filing, they’ve done similar with JYJ in the past over similar issues and have lost. Either that, or, quite frankly, Kris and Luhan’s people could’ve screwed up bad in the legal process at some point, and thus left themselves open to all sorts of legal recourse.

Personally though, it’s hard to put too much stock into any of this as serious when SME has a track record of using these tactics for PR purposes or simply just for harassment. Also interesting how they aren’t going after Baidu and CCTV and others who are hiring Kris and Luhan for endorsements and what not. Maybe that’s coming next?


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