SME’s director gives shitty excuse for why they aren’t suing CCTV


I was honestly getting tired of the Kris and Luhan updates because its the same shit rehashed over and over, but in the middle of trying to find reasons to ignore writing about an interview given by SM Entertainment director Han Se Min, I stumbled upon a gem of an excuse as to why SME aren’t going after CCTV.

Was the lawsuit filed to prevent Luhan and Kris from performing on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala?

Response: There is absolutely no connection between the lawsuit and the Spring Festival Gala. With outside speculation that the lawsuit filed was targeted towards Luhan and Kris performing at the gala, Han Se Min remarked that he knew about this, but filing a lawsuit needs procedures and time to arrange. Chen Zhi Guang, Media Asia’s Executive Director and also EXO’s Chinese exclusive agent told reporters that back in December of last year, they had already sent legal letters to various TV channels in China including CCTV, advertising companies, and agencies, stating that the existing contracts between SME and Luhan/Kris are still in effect. Both of their artist management activities should go through SME with the company being their exclusive distributor. However, from the invitations that CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala production team extended out to Luhan and Kris for them to perform, it seems that “perhaps their legal department didn’t communicate with their production department, thus our point of view was not conveyed.”

So … why not sue them over it?


You’re not going after CCTV cause you seriously believe that their legal department and their production department simply didn’t communicate or didn’t know that the two had an ongoing lawsuit with SME, and thus what’s done is going to be done? That’s it?




Like … not cause you don’t want to fight CCTV?

You sure you don’t wanna?

Please sue all the Chinese companies.

Do it for the Internet.

Do it for me.

Do it for #TeamSchadenfreude.

Come on, buddy.


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