We all wanted to like Amber & “Shake That Brass”, but it came in sort of flat


Everybody wants to like Amber‘s “Shake That Brass” because Amber is generally known as one of the cooler idols around and basically is friends with all your favorite oppars and unnirs. Hell, I only casually enjoy her antics and even my body was ready for this … and maybe that was the whole problem, because the song came off surprisingly flat.

I did enjoy the colorful and lively music video that accompanied the song, plus Taeyeon looked mega-hot and the rest of the guests were a welcome addition.

I mean…


…who is to argue with that?

Honestly, the ‘Soul Train‘-esque dance line thing at the end was fucking awesome and I sort of wish that was the entire music video.

Unfortunately, apart from that stuff, the song itself was a letdown. It’s not a BAD song, because to my ears nothing with a prominent horn section (or strings) can ever be terrible, but it was just a solid-average track and it completely lacked any type of ‘oomph’ to it. Whether the anticipation was our fault or not, I did expect a lot more.

While I absolutely don’t need uptempo stuff to be loud, louder, and loudest to be enjoyable, I do need it to build to something at some point, and “Shake That Brass” just never got there and fell short of making me do what the name implores.


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