Jackson attacks Min on set of “Shake That Brass” MV, where will the Chinese conspiracy end?


As all of us who dutifully follow the lead of Korean netizens know, Chinese artists are ruining Korean society, tarnishing Korean culture, and destroying K-pop. Hangeng, Kris, Luhan. Names that not only strike fear into hearts and minds, but personify traitor to K-pop fans.

Now, the next name on that list is GOT7‘s Jackson, who is clearly just another selfish Chinese, as he proved on the set of Amber‘s “Shake That Brass” music video when he attempted to blow out JYP Entertainment labelmate Min‘s Achilles tendon just so he, Fei, and Jia could get ahead in the game.

Fans are pissed at him for this action, sending him nasty mentions, and it’s all justified. People are understandably incensed at another Chinese attempting to hurt a Korean, especially after just getting over the heartbreaking tragedy of EXO member Tao wailing in pain out of open windows.

See the evidence for yourself:

After this latest incident, we must ask ourselves serious questions:

1) Should we ever trust Chinese artists in K-pop again?

2) When will the Korean government step in and deal with this problem?

3) Did Amber set this all up? Is THIS what all her “friends” are truly for? Is it all just to mastermind the downfall of K-pop by taking them out once they get close?



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