‘Unpretty Rapstar’ adds eliminations + episode 3 clips + San E’s thirst is unending


Unpretty Rapstar‘ released its third episode yesterday, and my god I actually love this show. I am a terrible human.

Anyway, I’ll post the raw episode at the bottom, and from now on I’ll make a news post/partial update post like the day after it airs, and then make another post when the English subs come out for maximum screencap/GIF entertainment.

A plan, I has one.


The big news this week is that the show is going to be adding Miss $‘s Jace to replace an eliminated rapper.

Broadcast insiders told news outlet MyDaily that Miss $‘ Jace has completed her first filming for the show recently. Jace appeared with her face blurred during the preview of the latest episode of the show, drawing attention from viewers. She will officially start appearing on the show on the February 19 broadcast.

Jace is an artist under Brand New Music, home to other artists like Rhymer, San E, and Verbal Jint. She recently posted a picture to her Instagram, wearing the same outfit she is wearing in the preview clip. The caption for the image reads, “First start, few days ago.”

“Unpretty Rapstar” also announced that the show’s format would be altered. Different from the initial format of the show, now it will have eliminations, where rappers would be eliminated to be replaced with new rappers.

Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it could get rid of the people who are straight flopping on the show. On the other hand, if the judging results go the way they have been so far, chances are Cheetah will be voted off over Jimin at some point or whatever fuckery.

Plus, I actually liked the idea of the eight of them sticking together for maximum drama as they got to know each other personally and know more stuff to crack about. That format also opens up the floor for redemption and improvement, which is what Jimin and Yuk Ji Dam were on the show for, and what Lil Cham desperately needs at this point.

I mean, I get it, and maybe it’s for ratings or whatever, but let’s be honest, the show was never really about identifying some next-gen talent, it was just promo for all of them and to be a gigantic fucking drama-filled mess. Introducing new blood doesn’t allow them to develop the messiness in their interpersonal communication that I need. Well, unless they find another Jessi or they put SNSD‘s Tiffany on the show.


The ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ music video/song for the week (I’m not gonna bother avoiding spoilers, fuck it) is Cheetah, Jessi, and Kangnam with “My Type“.

The group performances for the week:

Jessi and Cheetah performance:

Again, I love Jessi for the show, and she’s a performer through and through, but she just compensates for the shitty rapping with charisma and loudness. Having Cheetah go after her was just … unfair since Cheetah packages the performance quality and the actual ability to rap.

Also, lots of discussion in the comments here about why Jolly V isn’t living up to her reputation and why Lil Cham sounds solid on tracks but is literally constantly laughable on this show. Well, it’s gonna be different because everything is basically a live performance on this and they get limited time to prepare, so it’s not like the quality you would normally hear anyway. Thus, it’s less about rapping ability (studio, especially) and more about showmanship and confidence, which is why Jessi can pave over her lack of ability and even a newb like Jimin can survive and look decent because she has experience. Like Jolly V’s style is the worst style for this type of show, whereas Jessi’s is the best because it’s just performing. Lil Cham is also terrible because she has like negative confidence and zero idea what to do on stage.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t read into it a ton as a music program in the first place. I mean, Jimin is doing better than Jolly V on the show up to this point … but she’s not a better rapper by any stretch, so yeah.

Just be entertained. 😮


Speaking of entertainment, the highlight for me was San E‘s never-ending thirst for vagina:




My god. Motherfucker is worse than me.

Unfortunately for him, Jimin don’t want that dong:

Jimin stated with a smile, “I am so thankful to San E. He is like a father to me.”

She continued, “I bumped into San E many times during the festival season last year. If San E was the last performance, we were on stage right before him, or vice versa, which is when I would greet him. I wanted to get closer to him, but I have a timid personality and don’t normally approach people first, so I could only see him from afar. Through this program, however, I was able to get more closely acquainted.”

She continued, “Which is why I think he is looking after me so well. He helped me a lot in the beginning to adjust to the program. I am really thankful. I will work hard so that I will be able to stand on my own.”



You can watch episode three without subs here.


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