Lee Byung Hun tries to fix image by asking for a pardon for Dahee & Lee Ji Yeon


After Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon wrote Lee Byung Hun like a billion apologies, the actor has decided that he’ll recommend a pardon for the duo.

His agency, BH Entertainment, revealed on February 13, “Today in the afternoon, Lee Byung Hun submitted through his legal attorney a form asking for their punishment to be lifted. It was a decision that greatly reflects Lee Byung Hun’s will. Disregarding the lawful right and wrong regarding this incident, Lee Byung Hun blames himself and is reflecting on his wrongdoings. In particular, he is working hard on doing his best for his family. We’re still unsure about the ultimate decision [to be made by the court] because the prosecutor’s side submitted an appeal [for a harsher sentence]. We are watching over it.”

A rep from the agency told one media outlet, “The opposite party had kept requesting for favorable arrangements all this time. Lee Byung Hun personally, as a public figure, is reflecting on his wrongdoings. This form for pardon came to be because Lee Byung Hun personally wanted it.”

So basically, he wanted to prove a point that they were in the wrong by getting a conviction in the court of law, and wants to leverage that into public sympathy by officially forgiving/saving them from jail time.

I doubt it works, but hell, at this point it can’t hurt.


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