Yamapi allegedly helps sell Jin Akanishi merchandise against Johnny’s rules, is the best


Yamashita Tomohisa, according to a report by Tokyo Sports, is working with a company that hawks the merchandise of BFF Jin Akanishi in order to help him take care of his cash flow, even though Tanaka Koki just got booted for a similar violation of Johnny’s Entertainment rules.

According to Tokyo Sports, Yamashita has been involved in a company that is selling Jin Akanishi merchandise. It is said that Yamashita is working in the place of Akanishi to reclaim the market. Akanishi retired from Johnny’s last year due to disagreements concerning the direction of his activities. Akanishi and Yamashita have a deep friendship and have been frequently spotted out on the town late at night. It is because Yamashita has taken his friend’s finances into consideration that he is doing this side business.

What a fucking G.

Even if true, I still doubt he gets kicked out.


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