Around The Web: 3 K-Companies To Watch, K-Drama Conditions, Clara’s Case, I-Netizens


Korea-Canada Blog: Three rising Korean entertainment companies to watch in 2015 are Mystic89, Wellmade Yedang, and Antenna Music.


Soompi: I have previously written about the conditions under which Korean dramas film, but this is a bit more comprehensive in terms of details.

What’s most disconcerting may not be the potential messages conveyed about K-Drama productions, but the bigger and awful picture of what might be construed about a nation, a culture, and a people: greed has taken over and money is everything, so everything else (including safety, health, and life) just doesn’t matter.

That’s a bit harsher on Korea than I would go, but yeah, you can see that type of attitude growing rather than subsiding. In itself, fans and employees working together against the industry would be hard enough of a fight, but the worst part is that the billionaires have convinced the public that the millionaires are the problem.

So every time the conditions get brought up, the blame gets shifted to the actors and actresses, not the business model itself. Every time an actor or actress cries about the hardships on set (like being forced to work through serious injury), the reply is generally “well we suffer in life, so you should too.” Every time money becomes a problem for workers on set, it’s the actors and actresses that make too much, yet everybody is happy to circlejerk and cheer when those poor, suffering companies who have to pay millions to said actors and actresses post record profits seemingly every single year. Then, as usual, whenever somebody snaps in some form, it’s either a surprise or a tragedy, and people are temporarily hit with the realization that the system is what’s fucked … before everybody falls back into the same comfort zone where the status quo is king.

Why doesn’t stuff change? Well, until that attitude changes, nothing changes, honestly.

Soompi: A sort of reality check read on Clara‘s legal case and why her personality shouldn’t factor in a sexual harassment suit.

As I’ve been saying, based on what we know to this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Clara wins at least one of the two cases even though people are thinking she’ll get wiped out in court. And I think that decision would probably be the right one as of now.


K-POP K-FANS: Korean netizens rant about stupid international netizens who made Krystal delete her Instagram because she mutually followed G-Dragon.

Oh look, the replies are generalizing international fans! I’m offended! Oh wait, no I’m not, because they’re right, the majority of them are morons, just like in Korea.


KPOPALYPSE: A glorious fanfiction about a service that helps you detach yourself from the SNSD fandom. Wait for the ending.


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