‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 3 subs + Lil Cham dancing, Cheetah dominating, Tymee shows up


Unpretty Rapstar‘ episode three left us with one song, one cliffhanger, and one amazing preview. Besides the stuff that I already talked about when the raw episode was released, there was a bunch of other entertaining happenings as well.

The episode featured guests Verbal Jint, 2AM‘s Seulong, and M.I.B‘s Kangnam, and the latter two ignored the rap evaluation of the former, cause … who knows? Anyway, we’ll get to that.


When Seulong appeared, the thirst was unholy.



While Jessi‘s rapping is not appealing to me at all, she’s simply made for reality TV.

And Lil Cham needs to not be eliminated, cause Jessi needs to constantly shit on her for being terrible.

Then Kangnam arrived and dropped this shit on Jolly V:

Besides being actually biased for Jimin, fuck everybody who hates San E, dude is hilarious with his reactions.


As for the actual rapping, I had Cheetah, Tymee, and then Yuk Ji Dam.







Lyrics fit the song perfectly, were delivered well, and she had the stage performance down. Easy choice.

Second was a bit closer, but I gave it to Tymee over Yuk Ji Dam.








Probably the first time on the show that she flashed her upside, but then she immediately followed it by basically opting out of rapping a bit more for the judges cause … who the fuck knows? In any case, it would just be nice if she could show this side more consistently instead of forgetting lyrics and just, like, not trying.

Also, I thought the lyrics were right in line with this kind of melancholy rap song, so I didn’t understand why Jolly V didn’t understand the lyrics.



I mean … they were metaphors. Like … you don’t have to be Lil Cham ripping off students cause you go to Yonsei to understand metaphors, right?

Yuk Ji Dam was also solid and killed it lyrically, and she consistently flows fine, but her delivery still bothers me. Over a whole song, like on the Zico track, it becomes more noticeable and it sort of puts me off. That said, she easily deserved the final spot over Jessi if it was actually about rapping.

And on that note, was I the only one dying at Seulong and Kangnam brushing off Verbal Jint’s evaluation of rappers?

Kangnam/Seulong – “Yeah, Jimin was the best! Performance is important in studio!”
Verbal Jint – “I don’t…”
Kangnam/Seulong – “Yeah! I pick Jimin!”

Kangnam/Seulong – “Cheetah for sure, but Jessi was so strong and we love performance again!”
Verbal Jint – “Yuk Ji Dam was the better lyri…”
Kangnam/Seulong – “So much energy and power from Jessi!”
Verbal Jint – “No, still Ji Da…”
Kangnam/Seulong – “Jessi!”
Verbal Jint – “Fuck this show.”

Yeah, what the FUCK would Verbal Jint know about rhyme schemes, flow, and all that? Nothing, probably! Trust the idol singers!


-Cheetah’s “WAT” and “WAU” in English were cute.



-And this:


Kisum should’ve been an idol. She would be talented with potential for a rapper in that arena, she has the looks, and her personality is pretty funny cause she’s sort of a weirdo.

-They are building up Tymee/Jolly V, which is why we didn’t get the second track yet, but does it matter? Jimin got chosen over fucking Cheetah before, so whoever they decide to go with this time around won’t matter, because Jimin will get the second track anyway. I’m almost sure of it, cause Seulong even admitted he’s biased cause he knows her.



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