Guy who 4Minute allegedly plagiarized doesn’t hear any plagiarism


A day or two after 4Minute released “Crazy“, I got more than a handful of people making me aware of a post by a Korean blogger that accused the group of plagiarizing a song called “Boss Mode” by Knife Party. A year ago, I may have written about this issue, but now I know better and that K-pop fans see plagiarism in everything, so I decided to wait it out to see if anything came of it besides a bunch of untrained ears screaming about things they don’t know about.

Well, despite everybody being so sure they were identical, Rob Swire of the duo Knife Party said he didn’t get it.

To which KPOPALYPSE predictably gloated about because he’s a cheeky cunt, m8.

Easily the best part of this, however, are the K-pop fans who are desperately tweeting Swire edits of HIS OWN FUCKING SONG in hopes of convincing him otherwise.


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