K-Much release melancholy MV for “December 24”, begin to show promise


Crayon Pop‘s brother group, K-Much, is back after a year away, and they recently released the music video for “December 24“. The track isn’t their comeback song, but a pre-release single for the comeback that’s supposed to come within the next three months or so. The music video also stars former Hello Venus member, Yoo Ara.

Chrome Entertainment should’ve gone down this road with their concept to begin with if this is a peek into their future concepts. You know, as opposed to giving them the “Bar Bar Bar” knockoff to debut with.

In any case, while this wouldn’t work as an attention-getting comeback track, as a single that’s supposed to let everybody know they’re still alive, it eventually works. Emphasis on eventually, because the longer I listened to it, the better it sounded. Their voices do mesh together well, G.Low‘s rap isn’t embarrassing and his deep tone was a nice switch from the vocals, and I think the song is structured extremely well.

My reservation is that it’s so melancholy that if you don’t give it a chance, you could easily turn it off early and shove it into the boring pile … which is what I initially did before being bored last night and giving it a full listen. I still wouldn’t say it’s the type of song I prefer out of K-pop, but this is the kind of emo rap/vocal combo that seems to work more frequently in Korea, and it seems to have impressed other K-pop fans, which is really what this track is supposed to be about anyway.


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