Yedang Ent. replies to tabloid trash rumor about Hani, thus making everything worse


There was a blind item supposedly about Hani going around a few days ago, but it was sort of dumb and there was nothing to it, so I ignored it. For whatever reason, Yedang Entertainment went out of their way to refute the blind item, thus giving it the attention it didn’t deserve and allowing for headlines like, “EXID’s Hani accused of being involved in a sex scandal“.


The original rumor stated, “Female Idol A, sex slave of married middle-aged actor B = A popular member of a girl group that has recently started to gain fame late into their debut has been involved in a secret love affair with one of Korea’s top middle-aged actors. Even after she gained fame, A has been known to run over to him voluntarily whenever B calls and she goes along with B’s well known perverse tastes.”

Many netizens have begun speculating that the persons A and B are Hani and Lee Byung Hun. Actor Lee Byung Hun, who has been featured in top American films such as G.I. Joe: Retaliation and the upcoming Terminator Genisys, has also been involved in a recent controversy involving Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee. The actor is married to actress Lee Min Jung, who recently revealed she is pregnant.

So people basically started a rumor that Hani has been fucking Lee Byung Hun on the low for a while now.

Of course, there’s zero to substantiate it, and it would’ve likely died along with every other rumor out there if left alone, but the only celebrity whose agency actually gave the blind items the time of day was Hani’s.

EXID’s Agency, Yedang Entertainment told Starnews on the 17th of February, “We saw the rumor and noticed that Hani’s name was appearing, but we didn’t initially pay much attention to it because the claims were ludicrous and it wasn’t true. However, more people were exposed to the rumors than we initially thought. We would like to state once more that Hani has no relation to the rumors and if anyone spreads this rumor further we will take aggressive actions against them. Hani as well as all the other members of EXID are working hard on a new song so fans don’t have to worry too much about the rumors.”

It’s just a stupid choice, in my opinion. Everybody else ignored it cause it’s pointless trying to prove a negative, and now people are saying shit like, “Oh, it must be true if they don’t sue.” The problem with that, of course, is that the rumor starter didn’t even mention Hani, so good luck suing for libel.

Now the company is basically fucked both ways and would likely have to settle for getting people “spreading” the rumor for any kind of PR win. And by PR win, I mean stuff to compensate for the company giving the media a valid excuse to associate the phrases “sex scandal” and “sex slave” to your rising “it girl”. Genius.


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