Netizens suspect ‘Shower Of Tears’ was the song stolen from Kangnam


About a week ago, M.I.B‘s Kangnam was on JTBC‘s “Inside Story Salon“, where he revealed that he once helped produce a song that was given to another artist. In itself that’s common and happens all the time, but the problem was that he wasn’t given credit for his work on the track when it was released.

“There was once a time we helped out with the production of a song with a famous producer. I wrote the melody and lyrics and was even the one who recorded the guide version of the song. The song was not able to make it on our own album, but a few years later, a different artist released that same song and made a huge hit out of it. However, we were extremely upset when we saw that none of our names were to be seen on the credits,” Kangnam further stated, “I guess they forgot we helped out on creating the song because it’s been so long, but we were really sad.”

Well, netizens got to work, and they believe the song was “Shower Of Tears” by Baechigi and featuring Ailee.

But what about the evidence, right? Right. One of the main ways rumors get started/confirmed in Korea is how they show up in search engines, and everything related to this rumor on Naver pointed to “Shower Of Tears”.

After the song was released and hit it big, M.I.B made random bitter-sounding references to the track twice.

Once in “Mess“…

You’re the only one way, I only want you,
I’m Ailee’s pet that sleeps in heaven,
When you ask when I’m going home, I answer, not yet.

…and once more in SIMS‘ diss track, “You“.

It’s too good to miss, the shower of tears that I had wished for,
What’s the definition of genuine? I don’t need a reason.

Admittedly, those references do seem out of place and random, so if this gains steam, perhaps it deserves a clarification.

That said, while I’m not gonna say netizens are wrong cause I have nothing to prove that, I do have to wonder about the logic here. For starters, “Shower Of Tears” blew up in Korea and references to the song wouldn’t be all that surprising from anybody. More importantly, the body of evidence is speculative at best. Plus, if this all went down the way Kangnam said it did, and this is indeed the song he was talking about, why would they not pursue a legal case? “Shower Of Tears” was a massive hit, won awards, and made Baechigi into a recognizable name, so the potential royalty money at stake AND the attention it would have got nugus M.I.B in the ensuing media circus surely would’ve been worth the legal headaches.

As such, I’m skeptical of the conclusions here, to say the least.


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