Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun close Instagrams after ELFs attack for totally rational reasons


Super Junior‘s Sungmin and his musical actress wife Kim Sa Eun have already had multiple problems with his fandom over their relationship, but things only got more ridiculous yesterday when the couple opened up individual Instagram accounts.

Thing is, both accounts are now deleted, and I bet you can guess why.

Yes, angry and possessive fans invaded their accounts with hate messages, prompting the couple to probably say, “Welp, fuck this.


Here are some amazingly rational thoughts left by his fans:

Nobody cares about you in Korea.

She said as everybody harassed him en masse on his Instagram.

I bet you foreign fans can’t translate this! You can like him all you want but the only person Sungmin cares about is his Kim Mimi-ssi~.

This is especially amusing in Super Junior’s case, since they’re one of the rare groups that don’t really need their Korean fandom at all.

Personally, I want to rip and edit out every part of you in my albums and DVDs because I feel so pathetic and sad that I liked you for even a moment in my youth.

Who knew just a year ago that Sungmin would backstab all of us like this? All my time wasted on him!

Well you should feel pathetic for one reason or another…

There will come a day one day where Sungmin will realize who the really important people in his life are.

You’re not even human, you’re a crazy bastard who turned all your fans against you. How dare you be happy with your wife?




D-E-D, ded.


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