Rainbow and their glorious visuals are back with the sneaky-catchy “Black Swan”


DSP Media have finally let Rainbow out of the dungeon and have let them come back with the visually impressive and sneaky-catchy song, “Black Swan“.

Reading around, I get the feeling that people didn’t like the song much because of the chorus. However, while the song certainly has flaws, the chorus was probably my favorite part. Aside from the gratuitous rap section, I also found the song to be well-structured, and the chorus was surprisingly catchy after a few listens since it sounded exactly like how a good EDM-esque vocal should.

The catch, though, is that it took me about two or three listens to appreciate it, and I’m not sure the hook will be initially catchy enough to stick with audiences for them to give it those multiple listens. Additionally, while I felt the song did build effectively, it lacked a big punch near the end or … anywhere. Instead, we got a rap section that actually seemed to make things even less dynamic. If they had a bridge or even a chorus that really exploded or even just built up loudness, I think it would’ve satisfied a broader base. Finally, the song was like a half-a-minute too long, which I think factors into people saying that it got repetitive.


The music video was a different animal, as it had production values that were surprisingly high quality considering that DSP hasn’t seemed to give a shit about Rainbow forever. While it doesn’t hurt to have the members just be their attractive selves, the styling and framing helped maximize their potential.

Doesn’t hurt that they seemed to make Hyunyoung, Woori, and Jaekyung the main features … and Jaekyung.





The lack of color is notable, but it fits with the concept, and they still somehow managed to make the sets and the members anything but dull. Impressive effort on this front considering I expected DSP to just have them sit there and look pretty for four minutes.

Overall, I personally enjoyed the concept, song, and music video, but part of that is because I already like three or four of the Rainbow members, so I was willing to give it a chance. And while I want this to do well, I remain skeptical of how this will play with a less forgiving public since this doesn’t initially grab you with noise (which seems to be a prerequisite).



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