‘Unpretty Rapstar’ gets 2-episode extension from Mnet, really needs 2nd season


Unpretty Rapstar‘ was initially scheduled for a six-episode run, probably partly because Mnet was skeptical that the show would do well and partly because of cast commitments (let’s be real, just Jimin is busy). Thankfully, the network has made the decision to extend the show to eight episodes, though I could probably go for double that and then anticipate another season.

On February 23, a representative of Mnet revealed to OSEN, “The final decision to extend ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ by two episodes has recently been confirmed. Initially scheduled to go off the air after six episodes, [the show] will end on the 26th of next month with the two-episode extension.”

We’re all here for a second season though, right? I think so. Put a couple shitty idols on there, and like KittiB and Choi Sam, or whoever will make it as big a clusterfuck as possible. Dunno why they couldn’t also do stuff like invite Yoon Mi Rae on as a judge, have BoA as a guest where she just sits there throwing SM Entertainment stock certs at Jessi, and for the next idol rappers have like Tiffany or Kemy or Hwayoung. Sure sure, maybe idols like LE would be BETTER, but that’s not what this is really about is it?


Anyway, like CL as a guest judge with Kemy as a contestant. Oh god, the possibilities.


Way gon’ give it to ya,
Fuck people dying when they get old,
Way gon’ redistribute ’em to ya,
Ding dong, open up the door, it’s real,
With the aegyo, Crayon Pop, and stainless steel.


Thot Leader™