Chrome Entertainment releases statement on Bob Girls disbanding


News hit yesterday that Bob Girls were disbanding due to Jina‘s condition, and Chrome Entertainment gave various quotes about it to media outlets. But today they’ve released their official statement on their Daum Cafe about the matter.

“Hello? This is Chrome Entertainment.

Firstly, to the fans who have given ‘Bob Girls’ so much love, I come with a heavy heart to deliver this news.

Many fans have been curious about Bob Girls’ recent situation and future activities so now we will inform everyone.

We wish we could meet each and every fan eye-to-eye to inform you about the recent happenings, but to inform everyone in text, we ask for your forgiveness.

That was a long introduction.

Around the end of December last year, Jina’s family called the company. Jina’s wasn’t feeling too great thus required a detailed examination, afterwards in which Jina would be resting at home till the examination results were out.

The other members have also been worried every day about the results of Jina’s examination, and passed each day by silently praying, those who felt the disconnection of communication between (Bob Girls and) fans would know. During the period of time that Jina was sick, the other members who appeared to be very happy were actually feel very sorry on the inside.

Fortunately, from Jina we have been informed that her condition is not too serious. Although she has brain inflammation, with plenty of rest and hard work in receiving treatment she should be able to recover.

For the duration of the treatment she will be able to live the normal life of a person, however will require some time before she can take part in promotional activities which are physically strenuous. If we were to delay Bob Girls’ activities, Jina would have to do it Jina’s way, while the other members would have it their way. However this would lengthen a sad and regretful situation for each other.

Under these circumstances, there was not much possibility in promoting under the name of Bob Girls. Hence, with the agreement of both the members and the company, their contracts have been terminated.

While this is overwhelming, and although Jina feels sorry for having caused many worries for the staff and other members, decided to suppress her feelings and instead only show her brightest self to the fans through SNS.

After this tough decision and although Bob Girls has ended here, we hope everyone can understand. No matter where each member decides to go to achieve their dreams, we hope you can understand their decision.

The Chrome family wishes for Jina’s speedy recovery and sincerely hope that Jina, Dahye, Danbi and Yujeong will all be able to achieve their dreams.

Thank you.”

That’s a clearer explanation of things at least.

That said, of course there’s no doubt there were likely other issues associated with this decision, because if Jina was in a group like SNSD or A Pink or AOA, they surely would’ve just waited for her or something. But as nugus, Bob Girls delaying for a significant amount of time would’ve likely ended their careers anyway, as it’s hard for an unknown group to build momentum with two comebacks in three years or whatever. So it makes sense for the group to agree to pursue other opportunities, and Chrome probably felt they weren’t losing an established product, which made the choice to disband easier. Hence, the decision as it stands.


Of note is Yujeong coming back to Instagram with a picture of her and Jina.


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