Music Video Lessons: VIXX are driven to insane solitude after rejection in “Love Equation”


I’m not sure what VIXX did to deserve this, but they released a “Love Equation” music video that was absolutely terrible. It was so terrible that I figured there had to be a lesson to be learned from this — a deeper meaning.

And I think I found it.

On the surface, the music video was just a bunch of guys dancing in a barn or whatever, hanging out in a bedroom, and playing basketball. Cheesy and terrible just for fans … but that’s when it struck me.

The music video is actually about a group of boys who were all driven to a life of solitude and insanity after being rejected by a perfect girl that they all once met at a bus stop.


So when the last of them gets rejected and he enters the House Of The Never Laid for the first time, they all welcome him with open arms and have understanding looks.



It’s like a group “I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO” team cheer.

Anyway, the isolation leads them to do things like play basketball alone in the dark…


…turn to each other for romantic adventures…



…shun all memories of the outside world…



…and it eventually drives them insane, which explains the cult-like rhythmic circle dancing…


…and why they have a perfectly choreographed group hadouken move.


Eventually, they all find out that the ‘love equation’ is: Us – Her = Insanity

*Fade To Black*


So the music video’s lesson is that we should all value ourselves and that no crush or love is worth giving up on our own lives. Deep shit, VIXX. Props for putting yourselves out there like that.


Thot Leaderâ„¢