Lip Service’s “You’re The One” MV is half making-of and half behind-the-scenes


Lip Service is now a duo, and they came back with “You’re The One” … which I hesitate to say they made a music video for because it’s basically just shots of them in a recording studio, taking photos, or practicing choreo.

It’s a safe and solid song that’s highlighted by BiPA‘s rapping, and it’s definitely enjoyable in a cruising-down-the-street way, but the further they’ve gone away from their iconic debut, the less memorable they’ve gotten.

The main positive? BiPA is so fucking hot.

Now that I’ve seen this sort-of music video though, I do wonder if their company is broke or if Cora got ousted late into the process, cause this seems about as cheap as possible. Maybe I’ll soon get my wish of a BiPA solo.


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