‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 4 has battles & an elimination; Jolly V & Tymee destroy


Unpretty Rapstar‘ continues to be amazing in episode four, primarily because it has battles and an elimination.

Also, we finally got to see track two, in which Tymee beat out Jolly V … and then lost to Jimin. Lol.

Honestly, I know they have to sell shit and the combination of 2AM‘s Seulong and AOA‘s Jimin is practically a dream chart situation for a “rap” show, but my god. I absolutely love Jimin as an idol, and I don’t mind the thirst for her on the show in a joking fashion, but giving her “wins” over like Cheetah and now Tymee/Jolly V is sort of a silly look. Jimin is earning more respect just by holding her own, but trying to “put her over” so obviously just seems forced.

I mean, at least Jimin rocked a lace top and miniskirt better than the other two though.


Anyway, the meat of the episode were the battles and the elimination, so let’s get to that.

Jolly V Vs. Kisum

Jolly V beat Kisum before she even spit anything. Kisum just looks horrified of going against older rappers and this was a bloodbath because Kisum choked and just started yelling shit.

Tymee Vs. Jace

It seemed like Tymee losing the track to Jimin pissed her off or something, cause she showcased her upside in this. Jace didn’t do as bad as the other losers in these battles, but she sort of got paired against the wrong person at the wrong time. Wasn’t close at all.

Jessi Vs. Lil Cham

How did Jessi manage to rap while probably orgasming the entire time from getting this matchup? Jesus. Jessi’s “rapping” is improving, but it still consists of a lot of basic lyrical ability and screaming at people and swagging out. Like I’ve said though, she improvises and projects extremely well … and Lil Cham is terrible at everything relating to rapping live. Like this was the worst bloodbath matchup, but it would’ve been with anybody against Lil Cham.

Cheetah Vs. Yuk Ji Dam Vs. Jimin

Cheetah Vs. Jimin

Cheetah killed them both. Yuk Ji Dam has improved but screaming into a mic monotonously for a minute doesn’t make you intimidating. Jimin sounded fine, but she was battle rapping against the ground. Surprised San E didn’t let her win for being the cutest or something.


In the end, all of the battles were blowouts besides the Cheetah/Jimin/Yuk Ji Dam three-way, and the bottom two at risk for elimination were newcomer Jace and *SURPRISE SURPRISE* Lil Cham. You can guess who lost, but I’m actually sad to see her go because she was easily the best unintentional comedy and Jessi can’t clown on her anymore.



Finally, ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ on M! Countdown!


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