Around The Web: Daesung Molds, Melon For Dummies, Korean Hip Hop, Hyeri Insults


RocketNews24: Japanese fans of Big Bang‘s Daesung are now making EVERYTHING out of molds of his nose and lips.


K-Soul Magazine: Want to use Melon to help oppar and unnir? Here’s an English guide.


Ask A Korean!: A solid primer on the history of hip-hop in Korea, though I think it does sell Drunken Tiger‘s influence short since they’re a main reason any of this went mainstream as early as it did.


Global Voices Online: Korean youth are not so happy about “passion wages” becoming the norm, which should sound familiar to Americans relating to unpaid internships.

Netizen Buzz: Foreigners on the pros and cons of Korea.


In which Hyeri says she’s everything in Girl’s Day.


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