Junsu’s “Flower” MV is visually stunning, also conceptualized while high


JYJ‘s Junsu is back, and while his teasers gave me a hint at the abstract shit to come in “Flower“, I wasn’t QUITE prepared for just how abstract the concept would be.

For my initial trip into the music video, I couldn’t even concentrate on whether the song was good or not, because the music video was visually overpowering.

At the start, I wondered whether I accidentally started watching a trailer for the “Mad Max” remake…


…mixed with the new “Terminator” movie.





…nah, it’s definitely K-pop.

This entire music video is full of shit you come up with when you’re blazed, so I assume this is how everything was formulated. Like I was going to do a ‘Music Video Lessons‘ on this, but I couldn’t even come up with anything coherent to joke about.




“So, like, I’m a king, right? And like I’m totally vamped out, right? And then like this dystopian tribe that exists on the ground level throws a Terminator at me in my open-air palace that’s perched on this mountain. Then we all start dancing and … *BONG RIP* … get this shit, I become part of these cavemen dudes, man! And then we all dance in costumes like in ‘Thriller‘! Except with cavemen instead of zombies! Shit will be tite, right? *BONG RIP* Oh oh oh, and put a little white girl in there that stares at me like it’s about to become a horror movie and then she laughs at my pain as I barf blue liquid. *Giggles* Brah … it’s 4 AM already … you wanna go to Taco Bell?”

Xiah “420BlazeIt69” Junsu

I also think it’s partially trolling at this point, because when you make things so abstract and nonsensical, people are bound to look for deeper meaning, and they’ll always manage to find some ridiculous explanation for it that makes it “genius” (see: G-Dragon). I imagine they sit around trying to fuck with people when they come up with these ideas.

Either way, the idea worked even on a cynical ass like me, cause I couldn’t take my eyes off it, which is the real point of it all.


The song itself has an epic feel to it, like the composition feels like it belongs as part of a score or something, which is always a plus in my book. However, my initial impression after watching the music video was that it would be a boring listen without the visuals, as it’s rather deliberate. I figured the music video simply fooled me into thinking the song itself was also epic, but upon just listening to the track, the chorus really was fucking awesome and I was always left waiting for it to hit. When I talk about how I like songs to “build” to something, this is the shit I mean. I also need them to release just the instrumental, because it killed me.

I came into this expecting a solid offering just because it’s Junsu, but I also thought it would be as basic as a lot of “edgy” esoteric K-pop concepts tend to be. Thankfully, it was far from that and I ended up pleasantly surprised.


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