Lee Tae Im reportedly left “Tutoring Across Generations” after tantrum; berated Yewon


Actress Lee Tae Im withdrew from the variety show “Tutoring Across Generations” under the guise of health issues, but it’s recently been reported that the reason was actually because she had a temper tantrum on set.

“Lee Tae Im was receiving lessons on swimming in the ocean and becoming a diver. Recently while filming at the cold winter ocean, she was asked, ‘Isn’t it cold. Are you okay?’, but she suddenly got angry and cursed harshly. Because it wasn’t a situation that would have provoked her, everyone was surprised by her actions, and the filming was stopped.”

Additionally, it was revealed that her outburst was directed towards Yewon (the former Jewelry member).

“Yewon asked her ‘Aren’t you cold’ after she came out of the water during the recording on February 24th. But suddenly Lee Tae Im started cursing at her and asked her why she was speaking informally to her, and the filming atmosphere became bad. At the time, Yewon had not used the informal speech with Lee Tae Im, but Lee Tae Im started to raise her voice and started to throw curses at Yewon, shocking everyone on set… Lee Tae Im had also been scheduled to film on the 23rd too, but she didn’t show up. So that and her cursing outburst [the next day] are what I believe led to her leave from the program.”

A different source also said that there’s video of the incident (which I now want to see).

Yewon’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment, issued a statement that basically confirmed the report, but said Yewon took the high road.

“After the reports came out, we have been receiving a flood of phone calls, but it is hard for us to say. It’s true [Yewon] heard curses from [Lee Tae Im], but they did not argue. As Yewon is younger than Lee Tae Im, it wasn’t her place to talk back. So she didn’t argue and the situation just passed over.”

But Lee Tae Im’s agency, Double M Entertainment, and MBC stuck with the health narrative.

“She felt something was wrong with her health while filming for the drama and the variety program, so she was hospitalized last month after finishing up a filming session for her variety program. It was just simply fatigue and symptoms of a cold, so it wasn’t severe. She got better and was discharged from the hospital and returned to filming her drama today. She is currently filming without any problems.”

MBC also remarked, “The reason for Lee Tae Im’s leave is due to her health. We have nothing else to say other than this.”

Despite her agency and MBC wanting these statements to be final, I would be surprised if this all stops here, because the report itself combined with the statement from Yewon’s agency make Lee Tae Im look absolutely terrible. And it doesn’t help that she was previously involved in allegedly extorting double pay for a nude scene in a movie under false pretenses.

Popcorn time.


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