Shinhwa’s Jun Jin doesn’t flush, Eric takes pics of his poop & sends them to others


Every time Shinhwa is on a variety program, some shit that’s worthwhile will come out, and their appearance on “Hello” wasn’t any exception. And this time, it’s literally shit.

“When you live in a dorm, you use the bathroom together, but there′s a member who doesn′t flush. When you go in, you just get mad,” explained Lee Min Woo. The MCs asked if this has happened several times, and Lee Min Woo replied that it′s been going on for several years.

Okay … that’s fucking gross.

So who was it?

As Lee Min Woo continued the story, Jun Jin whispered to him, “Is it me?” making everyone laugh. When asked if he′s ever experienced this, Jun Jin said “I′m hearing this for the first time. I′ve never see it,” causing a burst of laughter once more. “When we were resting, I went to the bathroom and it was locked. Jun Jin came out and I saw the toilet, and it was still there!” said Lee Min Woo on his discovery on the day of the filming.

So Minwoo fingered (heh heh) Jun Jin for the crime, but then came this throw-in comment where Eric takes pictures of his dumps and sends it around.

“I honestly only suspected Eric, because he likes that kind of thing,” said Lee Min Woo. Jun Jin added, “He does his business and then sends us a picture saying, ′bowel movement.′”

“He tells us to cheer up after seeing the picture,” said Lee Min Woo.


I would like to say, “Well, it’s because they’re older now so they can say whatever.” But they’ve basically always been like this and have never given a shit.

I mean:



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