‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 4 subs + San E being San E + Lil Cham in closing


Unpretty Rapstar‘ episode four! Now I can get to everything I didn’t cover the day after it aired live! I was doing this yesterday but I was exhausted, so everything got pushed back, but the wait is worth it.


Anyway, we lead with the decision for the second track and Jimin winning over Tymee. We can also see why people found the results biased as fuck.








1) It’s a show, so I understand why they did it if they rigged it. Reality shows are rarely “reality” anywhere, so it’s not a conspiracy to believe one is “doctored” a bit.

2) We don’t get to see everything, but if Mnet were trying to hide bias, they aren’t trying very hard because they basically made it seem again as if Jimin won because of her stage command, primarily graded by Seulong, Kangnam, and San E while making Verbal Jint‘s input seem tertiary. Bizarre.

3) As much as I love Jimin, the bias accusations are just a building feeling that the narrative takes precedence over everything else. First she won over Cheetah for the same reason “idol” reasons even though she got absolutely gutted by Cheetah in the cypher, and now Tymee was better (for once) in every facet aside from being a bit awkward on stage, and Jimin wins again. The San E thirst and the show’s editing narrative of the ‘underdog that’s proving everybody wrong’ wouldn’t be bad if it was all actually earned. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, it simply isn’t.

“It’s not about rapping, it’s just a reality show, it’s not about rapping, it’s just a reality show, it’s not about rapping, it’s just a reality show…”


As far as the battles go, I already said what I wanted to in the last post, but even though Jace‘s lyrics were mediocre, I have no idea how the fuck the last two weren’t Kisum and Lil Cham, unless this was some kind of script. Look, I know she’s cute, has a solid sized following, and ratings are at stake, but she got murdered by Jolly V and then choked.

Speaking of Jolly V, no, I have no idea what she was doing at the beginning of her battle trying to engage the nonexistent audience and reciting the history of hip-hop. But whatever, this is the first time she showed anything close to her reputation coming into the show, and after the music stopped, she really went in on Kisum, as she happily explained to international netizens on Twitter. So far, her flow and projection while rapping live on the show have honestly been disappointing as fuck, but the combo of an elimination and a battle seems to have lit a fire.

Oh yeah, and while everybody knew Jessi was going to stomp Lil Cham, it could’ve been a decent battle if Lil Cham could’ve just remembered her lines or … been decent.


Like it started well because she said stuff that was absolutely true, and she had decent disses hidden in that mess, but it was like she was trying to read a phone book to Jessi or some shit.


– San E being San E.

– I told you Kisum should’ve been an idol.

– Lil Cham actually left the show on a positive note with her final rap. I also liked how she admitted that she learned not everything is about rapping in the studio and that she will use this as a starting point.

– Jimin should come with this cocky attitude all the time.


But she has an image to maintain outside of this bullshit, so I get it.

– Somebody sent Yuk Ji Dam to the Bobby school of rapping recently, right? Like to come off harder or whatever, now she just screams shit with a growl. I don’t like the change.

– RIP Lil Cham



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