FIESTAR returns and blesses us all with their “You’re Pitiful” music video


When a preview of FIESTAR performing “You’re Pitiful” in a mall popped up, I said the comeback basically couldn’t go wrong, and it surely hasn’t. That’s not to say it was perfect or that this is what will vault them to the next level, but I certainly enjoyed it one way or another.

Let’s turn on the music video for some deep musicial anal…



Hi, Jei!


Yeah, it was never gonna be a loss.

Besides the visuals though, the choreography was actually what got my attention initially, because while it was sexy, it also struck me as different from the standard fare. If nothing else, it kept my attention because I kept thinking, “My god, those gigantic heels and the unstable plastic chairs … that’s a bad idea.”

And on a note related to the choreo, the music video was far from perfect, because … well … I did think the fancams were better than the music video. Why? Because the fancams showcased their choreo far better, their outfits were hotter, and it was shot from relatively straight on, not this awkward angle that’s supposed to be flattering but isn’t.


They’re trying to make them look like giants or something, but they don’t need any help.


Additionally, the fancams come without the billion cuts/T-ara editing that only further reinforces my belief that editors for K-pop music videos get paid by the cut.


In terms of the song, I enjoyed it. However, I actually found the verses (especially the first one) and the rap (fit well) to be more appealing than the rather subdued (?) chorus. The chorus has a smooth feel to it, and there’s catchy appeal in that, but I’m not sure the tone of it even works for the song concept. I’d have liked to see it grow in aggressiveness towards the end or just something different.

So FIESTAR’s comeback is definitely a success, but if I had to predict whether this was the song to vault them to the next level or not, I’d have to say no. They’ve had good but not great songs like this before, and they’ve always been an attractive group, but they’ve still been kind of hanging around that tier of groups waiting to breakout. Granted, nobody knows for sure, and all it takes is one Jei fancam for it to pop off, but the rise of the likes of Crayon Pop and EXID are stories because going viral is rare and it’s a bit difficult to rely on. Thus, despite this comeback’s appeal to me personally, much like Rainbow (though I liked their song better), I think the hook for “You’re Pitiful” is too vanilla for a breakout.


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