Lee Tae Im blames outburst on Yewon, but Yewon gives her the Mutombo


News broke yesterday that actress Lee Tae Im berated former idol/current variety star Yewon on ‘Tutoring Across Generations‘, and while Yewon’s company all but confirmed reports of an outburst, Lee Tae Im’s company and Mnet both issued denials. Now though, Lee Tae Im is saying that the fault lies with Yewon for talking to her disrespectfully.

“So many lies and absurd stories are being reported. When we were recording, I had just come out from the ocean. I was so cold so I took a shower and came out and that’s when [Yewon] said ‘what’ and used the informal speech. I got so angry that all the emotions I’d been suppressing exploded out and I cursed without realizing.”

“At the time of the filming, there were various situations that I had been upset about. They were proceeding on with things that I never agreed to beforehand. I did curse, and that was wrong of me, but it was because all these things I kept suppressed exploded.”

“But then all these words I never even said started being spread around on the internet and on the media like they were the true. They say that Yewon had asked me ‘Are you okay?’, but that never happened. There were difficult situations I had to deal with during my drama filming as well, but I tried to hold it in and endure. But absurd gossip is coming up, and people seem to believe them as is. I suggested that we sue the people who have been spreading gossip, but the agency told me ignoring it is the best option. But it seems people are taking gossip as fact. It seems that people in this world just do not like actresses who are spotlighted as sexy stars. It seems I’m just a toy they can do whatever with.”

“It seems like everyone is trying to kill me when they don’t even know everything. I’m having a really hard time… I’m also seriously thinking about whether to leave the entertainment world,” she said.

Star Empire Entertainment then responded by stating once again that Yewon never spoke disrespectfully.

“We saw Lee Tae Im’s interview. We have nothing more to say other than what we’ve already said yesterday. Yewon never spoke informally to her. It was a situation with all the staff present, how could Yewon have used informal speech like that? Yewon had said ‘Unni, aren’t you cold?’ and handed her a towel when Lee Tae Im started cursing. We are confused about why she said what she said in her interview.”


Lee Tae Im has a valid point about both how rumors spread and how women with “sexy” images are treated, but it sure as hell seems like she just got caught in a diva moment and is doing damage control. This is especially true when considering the media reports and Yewon’s side of things, the non-denial from Mnet, and most recently, her agency Onion Management released a statement making excuses for her that effectively served as a roundabout apology for everything.

Look, it’s absolutely understandable how one can be stressed and flip out, but it was pretty fucked up how Lee Tae Im was trying to throw Yewon under the bus for it. Thankfully, Yewon’s Mutombo denial act paid off in the end.


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