Rap Monster talks to his haters on “P.D.D” with Warren G


My only thought when news broke that Rap Monster was doing a single with Warren G was, “Mother of god, Warren G is broke.” But despite the music video essentially being a tour of Los Angeles mixed with behind-the-scenes footage, it was shot beautifully, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by “P.D.D” even if the concept was sort of a “Born Hater” knockoff.

Honestly, as soon the beat dropped I was into it, and I liked the understated chorus even for a song that was basically a “fuck you” track. Rap Monster acquitted himself well in terms of delivery, as he connected really well throughout the duration of the track and avoided a lot of the stuff I usually consider cringe-worthy.

My one criticism is that his lyrics were a bit lacking in terms of creativity for a song that wasn’t supposed to be rather simple. The same points are made over and over again, which you can tell was the case even if you don’t understand what he’s saying.

I was amused by these sections, though.

Born haters are obvious, and I’ll shut them up,
Look at the mirror and see if you’re so confident.

Don’t you dare die,
Live to become the witness to my success,
And be deathly ashamed of the fact that you failed to recognize me.

Indirectly trolling Bobby and B Free? Let’s hope.


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