Shannon continues down the path to stardom with “Why Why”


Shannon has returned with her first mini-album, “Eighteen“, and the music video for “Why Why“.

Shannon has the requisite charisma for a soloist already and obviously has the voice, so I get the feeling that she’s well on her way. Even if the sugary pop career stalls, she should kill in the ballad market.

As for “Why Why” itself, the song was surprisingly effective for the concept, because although it was light and fluffy, it wasn’t so overboard cutesy that you overdosed on sugar. However, I do think her voice is such that she would benefit from less background theatrics in terms of sound.

Bonus ‘Music Video Lessons’: When a cute foreign girl takes “mementos” like your discarded ketchup packet, the straw out of your damn cup, and skin samples (probably), it’s adorable!

As far as her visuals go … uh … uh … uh:

But seriously though, part of me actually think her visuals hurt her in a way, because although she’s very pretty, she’s looking more and more white and less and less Korean (despite, IMO, attempts to make her up and style her “Asian”). Based on comments about her, Koreans appear to see her as just a foreign artist and not as a Korean like they do foreign Koreans (Jay Park or whoever) or even other half-Koreans that audiences can pretend are like foreign Koreans (like Daniel Henney). Should be interesting to see if she can change that perception or not.

Regardless, the influence of BoA as her idol has definitely been felt through her first two songs, and I think she has a ton of promise going forward if she follows along this path. Personally, I think she should follow BoA in another way and learn Japanese and try her luck there as well. Given the success of haafu talents there who have basically no talent, I figure one with talent should be able to carve out a solid career.

It’s obvious to state for somebody who has been hyped since she was a kid, but she’s still just scratching the surface of her potential here.


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