‘Unpretty Rapstar’ to return for a second season, according to report


Unpretty Rapstar‘ will be back for a second season, according to a report from MBN.

The report cites “multiple” broadcast officials saying that Mnet are in the planning stages of a second season because of the favorable response and discussion the show has generated.

The second season is expected to broadcast after ‘Show Me The Money 4‘, but they unfortunately said that most of the current cast will probably not return.


Not sure how I feel about that last part. Mainly because I get the feeling that if they replace most of the cast, they lose a lot of the stuff that has already been built, and it’s not the show’s format that has made it successful but the personalities involved.

I’m sure they can find breakout personalities somewhere else, but my gut feeling is that they’re gonna bring in more idol types to fill the void, and those people are less likely to turn shit into ‘Bad Girls Club: Korea’.

I’m just sounding off though, since we don’t know anything about the cast situation for the next installment, but I was sort of hoping most of them would return.


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