[Update] Lee Tae Im apologizes to Yewon + diver comes forward to back Yewon


Lee Tae Im was already in backpedal mode after everything seemed to be leaning towards her being a diva and freaking out at Yewon for no reason, and yesterday she released an official apology to Yewon.

She says that it’s true that Yewon spoke to her first, after she had warmed up a bit. “However, as we were meeting for the first time, I didn’t hear what she said to me as friendly words of concern. I sincerely apologize for hurting Yewon, and I deeply regret not being able to control my emotions at the time, ultimately saying something I shouldn’t have.”

Lee Tae Im continues, “I’ve read the rumors going around, and I swear, what I said is not as bad as everyone is saying.” She says she still thinks that what Yewon said at the time was more informal than the situation warranted, but also acknowledges that she overreacted. “[Yewon] was just speaking out of concern, but with everything that was going on, I just didn’t see it that way,” she says, and apologizes again.

Thing is, she still says Yewon did stuff that was borderline. And unfortunately for Lee Tae Im, Dispatch got an interview with a Vietnamese diver on set named Luenkini to give her story, and it backs Yewon completely.

Luenkini explained that Yewon did not talk down to Lee Tae Im, which was what Lee Tae Im had claimed. There was no apparent reason for Lee Tae Im to be mad at the singer. However, Lee Tae Im went on cursing and screaming for around two to three minutes. Yewon teared up during this time.

Luenkini explained, “I was so surprised. Yewon just asked her if she was cold but Lee Tae Im suddenly changed. She cursed with words I couldn’t understand. She even raised her hand as if to hit her. The staff had to come and stop her.” She then added, “Yewon didn’t do anything to make her mad. Everything just happened abruptly.”

Hell, this has turned into a positive for Yewon, as she supposedly continued on professionally afterward.

Yewon went into a bathroom and cried for about thirty minutes. After coming out, she comforted the startled staff and claimed that she was okay. Luenkini showed Dispatch a picture that she took with Yewon after the incident. In the picture, Yewon has swollen eyes after crying.

According to a staff of the show, Yewon filmed the ending with Lee Jae Hoon because Lee Tae Im had left the scene. “No one would have been surprised if [Yewon] said she wanted to leave. She was treated [horribly by Lee Tae Im]… But Yewon firmly said that she wanted to film the ending,” said the staff member.



Yewon responded to Lee Tae Im’s apology.

At that time, I had shown up as a guest after an invitation from the show’s staff, and I think Lee Tae Im sunbae, who wasn’t in a position to be leisurely at the time due to various personal problems, could have misunderstood me as we did not know each other before. I hope that you’ll all understand that Lee Tae Im sunbae had been filming during a difficult situation, and I will also use this an opportunity to become more mature as well. I’m thankful towards Lee Tae Im sunbaenim, who is probably going through a difficult time, for gathering the courage to apologize to me first, and I will cheer her on with her future activities.

Thanks … for making me look awesome!


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