‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 5 + Tymee/Jolly V whine about each other + Kisum ends Jessi


That’s the look of a woman who thinks this shit is below her … and welcome to ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ episode five!


Let’s skip through the shit and get to the final competitors for the songs.

Cheetah deserved to be a finalist and Jimin unsurprisingly won the audience vote on one side of things, while Jessi somehow got by with her hype-man act again and Kisum‘s selection proved justifiable (later).

Personally, I thought Jolly V would’ve got the second spot, and on the other side I would’ve picked Yuk Ji Dam probably. Tymee did solid again, but I don’t think she really fits hype music all that well.

If you couldn’t tell, I don’t really feel much passion about this because both performances were honestly mediocre.


As far the battles go, we finally got the main event, though I dunno if it can get anymore obvious that the show was planning this, cause there’s no reason for them to call out Jolly V and Tymee to battle unless they wanted it for the show.

Anyway, some thoughts:

1) I think Jolly V is a better battle rapper, because these types of scenarios are honestly the only times she hasn’t seemed like she was sleepwalking. She has better punchlines and excels in this scenario where she doesn’t actually have to flow a ton. She did it against both Kisum and Tymee where she’s not really rapping, just like slam poetry of sorts. Also, Tymee feels like it’s personal against Jolly V because of the nature of her disses before, so she clearly lets Jolly V get to her throughout the show and I don’t think she performs best on that level, while Jolly V has more of the calmness I prefer (as opposed to Jessi ‘HAM Mode’). That said, at least it motivates Tymee to give a shit.

2) I don’t get the problem with people saying Jolly V eats off Tymee … because she does. The only reason anybody knows her name is because of her beef with Tymee, as evidenced by the fact that it’s the only thing about her constantly played up on reality shows and she’s been asked about it in every interview since. Either way, to me that’s a valid criticism from Tymee that she’s annoyed by the association. Put it this way, Jolly V can use Tymee songs as punchlines because they’ll hit since people know what they are, but no Jolly V songs are ringing out anywhere. That’s the whole point, really, it’s like Kisum’s line about Jessi’s career (later), except Jessi actually made it back into a group on the basis of her singing ability.

3) Can people not complain about this being personal? Jolly V is not a bad person cause she’s vulgar to Kisum or Tymee*. Similarly though, why do people whine about Tymee calling Jolly V ugly or fat but don’t bat an eye when Jolly V infers Tymee (and KittiB) is a whore and shames her for sexual lyrics and brings up an abusive situation with her old company? I don’t necessarily have a problem with it if that’s where you wanna go, but IF you’re gonna be a person who complains about the moral side of it, then they’re both equally invalid disses. Personally, I think all that is a bit repetitive on both their parts since we heard it on their diss tracks, so I think the primary lines that hit were Tymee’s about Jolly V’s mumbling and poor pronounciation and Jolly V’s about beating her on ‘Show Me The Money 3‘ and saying if Tymee was so far above her she should be in the producer’s chair.

*Lemme just say this though, the Tymee and Jolly V stuff is not why I think Jolly V is every bit as inauthentic/hypocritical in terms of understanding the genre as the people she blasts for not being MCs. The real reason is that she buys into the same hip-hop fallacies B Free and others do (as evidenced by their Beyond Hallyu/Rhythm Connection interviews), at least in terms of quibbling about the semantic difference between hip-hop and rap but then believing that being “hard” or coming off that way is essential to being hip-hop or the only way to do it. It’s clearly not to anybody who knows about hip-hop, AND even if it was, they’re from areas of America (the mean streets of fucking Virginia and Hawaii) where you should know exactly why you’re not about that life and why repping authenticity shit is asinine from you. Shit like this from Jolly V is just annoying to me, “There’s still more to prove to Koreans what hip-hop is, and what an emcee should be like.” *Rolls Eyes Into The Back Of My Skull* Korean-Americans can be so fucking annoying, I swear. Just rap if you’re good and try not to mumble so much.

I do wonder if this will be the end of it, on the show or otherwise, cause I’m not sure how many favors it’s doing either of them with the general public.

In terms of the battle that actually mattered for song purposes, Kisum pretty much wrecked Jessi and did everything Lil Cham was trying to do but didn’t have the skills to do anything with.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked given that Kisum has choked on her mic during any type of confrontation against bigger personalities before, but she was REALLY impressive here.

Jessi basically did her Rah Digga impersonation again, trying to make Kisum choke, but from imitating Jessi’s growl at the start, it was clear she came to play.

It’s also like she was reading my mind, “Hey Jessi, no one understands what you’re saying in English, the place that suits you is Itaewon, everybody knows the rumors about what you did … Now that I think about it, your 10-year career hasn’t been much.

Whoomp, there it is.

-By the way, besides Jolly V and Tymee, they all seem to get on fine away from the show on Instagram and shit. Reality show, editing, etc etc etc.

-Also, it’s hard to overstate how important this show is for most of them. Their followers on SNS are doubling or tripling.



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