‘Roommate’ plants penis peppers + ‘Truth Or Dare’ leads to Youngji dating Jackson question


On the latest episode of ‘Roommate‘, Lee Guk Joo, Nana, and Youngji had a glorious conversations about dick peppers.





Netizen comments:

1. [+3,424,412,-2] Hul~ I knew Nana was a slut.
2. [+2,424,909,-8] How can Nana talk about sex so openly if she wasn’t a dirty iljin?
3. [+2,122,242,-10] Nana as an iljin is a wall other iljins can’t climb over, kekeke.
4. [+1,482,248,-0] Lee Guk Joo is fat.
5. [+904,014,-4] Youngji is so clever about it, but whore Nana is so direct like an airhead. No wonder Youngji saved KARA from that dark-haired American and Japanese iku iku iku whore.


Most importantly, they’ve set up what is essentially a game of ‘Truth Or Dare’, except the ‘Dare’ part is to take a vinegar shot. Yes, it’s revealed that Otani Ryohei has a boner for somebody in the house, but the cliffhanger is about a hypothetical Youngji date with Jackson.

Of course.


The fanservice level to shippers is so goddamn high.

Though secretly I’m sort of curious.



You can watch the latest episode here, but I don’t recommend it unless you want to be exposed to Nana’s iljin ways.


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